Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nice walk today!

I have been riding the bike between 2-3 miles with my husband.  It's really hard, so much more difficult than walking and running.  I just have not built up the muscles used for riding a bike, I will keep it up and I know I'll get better.

Today we went on a walk/jog around town, we went 5.2 miles!!!  It felt great!  My new Asics are perfect for these longs walks, perfectly cushioned.  I walk mostly with little spurts of jogging throughout, I can't wait to say I actually jogged the entire way.

It has been almost 7 weeks that I've been eating healthy and exercising.  What stinks is that I've only lost 7 pounds, and what's worse is that those pounds came off in the first week.  It's very frustrating!  I don't even want to hear "oh you're building muscles".  Sorry, but I'm just not buying that.  I went through this back in January and February, I ate perfectly and exercised every single day and didn't lose a thing.  I am stuck.  If I could just take off 5-10 pounds in the next few weeks, I would at least feel like all of this is worth it.

Well for now, I'm sticking to it.   My goal is a healthier me, and although I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere with all this healthy stuff - at least my heart has got to be loving the activity.


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